Month: March 2015

Episode 5 – Kayla Lords

In episode 5 of the KissCast Molly and Kayla Lords talk the hind legs off a donkey resulting in the longest episode to date. In true British style we kick off with the weather before discussing Kayla’s southern accent that she claims not to have. We then get down to the nitty gritty of discovering…

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Episode 4 – Curvaceous Dee

In episode 4 of the KissCast Molly starts off with a complete fan girl moment as she introduces one of her all time blogging heros; Curvaceous Dee. They chat about Dee’s blogging evolution and how ‘Curvaceous Dee’ was born. Molly asks about some of Dee’s descriptive labels she has chosen for herself(Fat, Poly, Kinky and…

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