In episode 4 of the KissCast Molly starts off with a complete fan girl moment as she introduces one of her all time blogging heros; Curvaceous Dee. They chat about Dee’s blogging evolution and how ‘Curvaceous Dee’ was born. Molly asks about some of Dee’s descriptive labels she has chosen for herself(Fat, Poly, Kinky and Pansexual).

They talk about the label Fat and how it tends to be a label that other people are uncomfortable using about her.

Molly asks about long distance relationships and they discuss the joys and the pitfalls including the importance of communication and how it is different from communicating in person, learning to keep the connection alive and how additional partners added to the mix of LDR poly can be a real challenge.

Then it is time to talk about D/s contracts. Molly explains what she doesn’t like about contracts and why Dee’s contract is the first one she has ever seen that she likes.

And no podcast with Curvaceous Dee would be complete without talking about the Scavenger Hunt.

KissCast 3 – Show Notes

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7 comments on “Episode 4 – Curvaceous Dee

  1. Hylas says:

    I am not a brat!

  2. *cough* “He says, brattily.”

    xx Dee

  3. Hope Always says:

    Thank you ladies for making my bath such a relaxing one. I didn’t want to pause it and interrupt the flow and natural feeling of your conversation.

    @Curvaceous Dee : You have such a lovely happy and uplifting voice It will change the way I read your blog along with the insight of yourself you have shared . it .will give me more depth and understanding.

  4. Jane says:

    Yay for Kiwi Kisscasters! 🙂 A great listen, Dee and even better to be able to hear the voice behind the words.


  5. OMG I just started listening to this and I was already smiling, hearing your laugh, Dee. I immediately saw your lovely smiling face in front of me! And you just keep on laughing. I love it!

    Ladies, your discussion about pan-sexual and bisexual and different kinds of sexuality highlighted the fact that I have been wondering about my own label ‘bisexual’. Will have to look deeper into this. Also love the idea of using a label and explaining what it means to you.

    Dee, I love listening to you, your lovely laugh, the smile in your voice, your accent.

    Thanks Dee and Molly!

    Rebel xox

  6. Dumb Domme says:

    Loved this episode, Molly and Dee! It was honest, funny, and all around charming!

    The talk about contracts was super informative — I appreciated the way that Dee and her partner created it as a living document meant to grow and change with them. Also, I appreciated that it was a real document suited to real life (rather than impossible or written-as-wank-fodder).

    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hope Always – Thank you so much for your lovely words 🙂

    Jane – We will manage to catch up at some point!

    Rebel – Labels are simply fascinating to me. Are you still pondering?

    Dumb Domme – I can’t imagine wanking to a contract. Although our living document is often brought up during wank times … Glad you found it informative 🙂

    xx Dee

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