In episode 10 I welcome my 1st Australian guest to the KissCast who is Ferns from Domme Chronicles. We start off by talking about what inspired her to begin blogging which then led us onto discussing labels which Ferns is happy to acquire like collecting stamps regardless of how relevant they are….

We talk about the predominance of male submissive on the scene in the UK and Ferns decides that she needs to tour Britain at some point in the future.

Then it is time to talk about Ferns discovery of being dominant and her experience of struggling with BDSM, finding herself unwittingly becoming the Ice Queen Uber Domme and dealing with confidence issues. She then talks about how BDSM stereotypes can stifle young women from discovering their kinks.

We end with talking about her book which she sent me to read which I describe as a series of love letters to submissive men.

Show Notes – Episode 10
Domme Chronicles
• Ferns on Twitter @Ferns_
Domme Chronicles: Erotic tales of love, passion, & domination
Remittance Girl
Domme Chronicles Tumblr

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