In the third episode of the new season of the KissCast I am delighted to interview the brilliant Annie Savoy. We talk about the why, wherefores and whats of her blog including the origins of her pen name. So if you don’t know where the name Annie Savoy comes from then this will reveal all. We also talk a LOT about self portrait photography. How it works for us, the tools we use, why we do it and what we would like to do more of. If you love self portrait photography then this episode is definitely for you. We also talk about writing, The Smut Marathon and being happy with being single, childless and fabulous. Oh and of course we end on my 30 quick fire questions.

Show note Links

Annie Savoy

Floored by Focus and Filthy

Outtake prompt Sinful Sunday


Smut Marathon

[Smut Marathon] The Game Changer & Round 6 Thoughts By Floss Does Life

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