S01 – E10 – Sharyn Ferns

When I decided to relaunch the KissCast I looked back at what the previous interviews I had done with people and one jumped out at me because at the time it had been such an absolute blast and I knew instantly that I wanted to interview Sharyn Ferns again. I am delighted that when I asked Ferns if she wanted a repeat outing on the KissCast she jumped at the chance and despite a little technically difficulty at the start we yet again managed to use the amazing power to technology to chat happily across many thousands of miles about all sorts of blogging, sex, kink, life stuff! This is only episode that includes someone pausing to go and refill their drink because Ferns is just that cool.

Also content note, this episode was recorded before Michael and I split up.

In this episode:

  • Why Ferns started blogging
  • Evolution of her kink
  • Learning to advocate for what she wanted
  • Romance and Kissing
  • Service subs…. are like the unicorns of D/s
  • Self publishing and writing books
  • Podcasting
  • Vanilla Dating
  • The story of Pissy Pants Pete and how Ferns created a problem for herself.

Links from the episode:

Domme Chronicles

Bitchy Jones

That Timed I Dumped George Clooney

Fern’s Books

Fern’s Podcast

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1 comment on “S01 – E10 – Sharyn Ferns

  1. mysticlez says:

    Thank you for another wonderful podcast. I am especially happy when it is two lovely ladies such as yourself. I always love that both of you leave me really thinking about things and laughing my ass off at the same time. I am feeling a little smug though that I was able to answer the quick 30 questions at the same time as Ferns with what I thought she was going to say and come out correct about 90% of the time. *struts off*

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