Molly Answers the 30 Quick Fire Questions

When I asked for questions and ideas on Twitter for what people would like to hear me talk about on this minisodes @sub_bee was one of the first people to answer and she suggested that I answer the 30 quick fire questions I posed to most of me interviewees during the last season of the KissCast and so here I am giving you my answers to the questions listed below.

30 Quick Fire Questions

  1. Summer or winter?
  2. Last thing you put in your mouth?
  3. Watch or be watched?
  4. Something you are scared of?
  5. Colour of your current favourite bra?
  6. Favourite podcast?
  7. Tea or coffee?
  8. Dildo or Vibrator?
  9. Bath or shower?
  10. Who did you last kiss?
  11. Twitter or Instagram
  12. Anal sex?
  13. Favourite flower?
  14. Last time you watched porn?
  15. One country you would love to visit?
  16. Flogger or paddle?
  17. Last book you read?
  18. Any tattoos?
  19. Last TV show you watched?
  20. Favourite day of the week?
  21. Morning person or night owl?
  22. Cunt or pussy?
  23. Cock or dick?
  24. Most recent thing you bought that was not food
  25. MfM or FMF 3some
  26. Would you have sex with a sex doll?
  27. Do you sleep naked?
  28. Wax Play or Ice?
  29. A food you hate?
  30. Last time you masturbated?

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