Plans and Wishes for 2020

In this weeks minisode I am tackling two questions from two different people about plans and sex wishes for 2020. The first one is from @ferns__ and is about my plans for 2020 with regards to The Charmer and the second one, which is oddly related is about sex wishes for 2020 and we asked by Quinn Rhodes. I recorded some of the other minisodes before this one but then realised this should go out first as it is kind of a New Years topic so here we are…

First up Ferns question

How is your LDR with charmer going to work? Are you planning reciprocal visits over the next few months and that sort of business?

and then from OnQueerStreet

If a sex fairy agreed to grant you three sex wishes in the coming year, what would you wish for?

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1 comment on “Plans and Wishes for 2020

  1. Mysticlez218 says:

    @Mollysdailykiss Thank you for a magnificent episode. I loved listening to it! I always admire when someone is passionate about something they do. And yes, I meant for the second one to be difficult to make you think but it was worth it. And yes you pronounced my name correctly lol

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