Episode 10 – Domme Chronicles

In episode 10 I welcome my 1st Australian guest to the KissCast who is Ferns from Domme Chronicles. We start off by talking about what inspired her to begin blogging which then led us onto discussing labels which Ferns is happy to acquire like collecting stamps regardless of how relevant they are….

We talk about the predominance of male submissive on the scene in the UK and Ferns decides that she needs to tour Britain at some point in the future.

Then it is time to talk about Ferns discovery of being dominant and her experience of struggling with BDSM, finding herself unwittingly becoming the Ice Queen Uber Domme and dealing with confidence issues. She then talks about how BDSM stereotypes can stifle young women from discovering their kinks.

We end with talking about her book which she sent me to read which I describe as a series of love letters to submissive men.

Show Notes – Episode 10
Domme Chronicles
• Ferns on Twitter @Ferns_
Domme Chronicles: Erotic tales of love, passion, & domination
Remittance Girl
Domme Chronicles Tumblr

Episode 9 – Jealousy

Apologies in advance for some of the echo within this episode. Sadly technology was playing up and caused this. However it was such a good episode that rerecording it risked losing the spontaneity of conversation and so I have decided to publish it anyway.

Episode 9 of the KissCast and this week I welcome Malin James to the podcast to talk about jealousy after Malin wrote a post about the subject and the ensuing discussion we had together felt like it would make a great topic.

We start off by talking about our respective experiences of jealousy and what, in our minds is the difference between envy and jealousy. Malin talks about owning your jealousy and learning how to deal with it within your relationships and we talk about the skill of managing jealousy; such as identifying triggers, taking time to understand yourself and your partners, resisting the urge to respond with a knee jerk reaction and/or blame your partners.

Malin then talks about how her jealousy is often closely linked to her feeling vulnerable and how it is really important that you spend time figuring out exactly what it is that is making you feel jealous.

We talk about how jealousy is so often seen as a dark and negative emotion and how we fail to educate our children with a skill set to help them manage jealousy rather than letting the jealousy control and manipulate you.

Sharing your jealousy with your partners is our next topic and how to try to do this without making them feel like you are blaming them or judging them. We also talk about being the partner who is receiving the information and how to deal with that.

Most of all when it comes to this subject, be kind to yourself

Show Notes – Episode 9

Episode 8 – Cooper Beckett

Episode 8 of the KissCast and this time I am welcoming a sex podcasting legend to my corner of the internet in the shape of Cooper Beckett from Life on the Swingset. We start off with Cooper explaining how he first got into swinging and how that led to him starting the site and podcast. I pick apart his 5 years semifesto and Cooper talks about how ignorance and lack of forethought served him well. We then talk about the whys and hows of his book; My Life on the Swingset, which Cooper blames on a need to have a project with an ending, not that it has worked out that way mind you.

Male bisexuality in the swinging community is our next topic and Cooper talks openly about how this has worked for him which then leads into how being ‘Cooper Beckett’ plays out when he goes swinging now.

Podcasting guests are next up and Cooper want to know if anyone knows how to contact John Cameron Mitchell. He then confesses how he orchestrated things to ensure that the Dan Savage episode of the podcast would be the 200th episode on the 5th anniversary of the Swingset Podcast.

Cooper then invites all complaints about his rants about right wing, Christian ‘nutjobs’ to be sent directly to him and not to me. He then manages to just about dig himself out of hole of his own making when he nearly, but doesn’t, advocated for the death of old Republican politicians!

Show Notes – Episode 8

A question that came into the KissCast sadly too late to be included in the recording was from @curvaceousdee

“Will there be more Hannibal podcasts done as next season airs? (Love the Rudecast!)”

And Coopers answer

” There will! We’re currently working on our Twin Peaks podcast, and that will fill the hiatus until Hannibal returns to our screens on 6/4.”

Episode 7 – Stranded in Toronto

We are already at episode 7 and this week my special guest is C. P. McClennen also known as Stranded in Toronto. Oddly we discuss the snow, which shows that we recorded this episode a while ago. Then it is time to discuss blogging names and blogging history which led us into the inevitable discussion about his love for Sci-fi fiction and the authors that have inspired him. C. P. then talks about his own work from his first serial on his blog, The Turn About Series to his first published novel; Just Prey. We then turn to self publishing, book cover designs and dealing with Amazon before finally returning to the blog and plans for the future.

Episode 7 – Show Notes

Episode 6 – Storytime

Episode 6 of the KissCast takes on a different format from previous recordings and features four different authors reading their work. In the introductions Molly explains why she has decided to do this, how the episode will work and also puts out a call for more authors and bloggers to get in touch with her about reading their pieces on the KissCast. She then introduces each of the four pieces in turn. Links to the authors sites and the pieces being read can be found in the show notes below. Are you ready for Storytime…

KissCast 6 – Show Notes

Episode 5 – Kayla Lords

In episode 5 of the KissCast Molly and Kayla Lords talk the hind legs off a donkey resulting in the longest episode to date. In true British style we kick off with the weather before discussing Kayla’s southern accent that she claims not to have.

We then get down to the nitty gritty of discovering our kinks being submissive women. We talk about finding out how to orgasm, mutual masturbation with your partner and the importance of communication. We also talk about how Long Distance Relationships worked for both of us, finding time for kinky fuckery in amongst real life. Then it is time for being D/s and negotiating that entails with regarding joint parenting and step parenting. Playing in public is then our next topic before we end up talking about Kayla the author.

KissCast 5 – Show Notes

Episode 4 – Curvaceous Dee

In episode 4 of the KissCast Molly starts off with a complete fan girl moment as she introduces one of her all time blogging heros; Curvaceous Dee. They chat about Dee’s blogging evolution and how ‘Curvaceous Dee’ was born. Molly asks about some of Dee’s descriptive labels she has chosen for herself(Fat, Poly, Kinky and Pansexual).

They talk about the label Fat and how it tends to be a label that other people are uncomfortable using about her.

Molly asks about long distance relationships and they discuss the joys and the pitfalls including the importance of communication and how it is different from communicating in person, learning to keep the connection alive and how additional partners added to the mix of LDR poly can be a real challenge.

Then it is time to talk about D/s contracts. Molly explains what she doesn’t like about contracts and why Dee’s contract is the first one she has ever seen that she likes.

And no podcast with Curvaceous Dee would be complete without talking about the Scavenger Hunt.

KissCast 3 – Show Notes

Episode 3 – Marie Rebelle

In episode 3 of the KissCast Molly talks to the sex blogging power house that is Marie Rebelle . Together they talk about the blogging world, in particular, posting naked photographs, Sinful Sunday, Wicked Wednesday, Scavenger Hunting and all that ‘good flashing fun’. There is also mention of D/s relationships and kink, the 101 things in 1001 days project and Marie talks about her Dutch writing group.

If anyone would like to contribute a prompt to Wicked Wednesday then CONTACT Marie through her blog

KissCast 2 – Show Notes

Episode 2 – Jade A Waters

In episode 2 of the KissCast Molly welcomes erotic author and blogger Jade A Waters and together they discuss her early writing exploits which were completely derailed by sewing and then joining the circus before finally returning to writing via a Spec-fic detour. We also discuss Jade the reader, Jade the poet and Jade the ‘nearly’ novelist before ending with a circus style ‘big finish’

KissCast 2 – Show Notes

Episode 1 – Behind the Chintz Curtain

In episode 1 of the KissCast Molly welcomes her first ever guest; Jane Gilbert from Behind the Chintz Curtain and together they discuss blogging, writing erotica, censorship, small boobs, self portrait photography, book covers, reading habits and dark delicious corruptible fairy tales

KissCast 1 – Show Notes