Malin James

Episode 9 – Jealousy

Apologies in advance for some of the echo within this episode. Sadly technology was playing up and caused this. However it was such a good episode that rerecording it risked losing the spontaneity of conversation and so I have decided to publish it anyway.

Episode 9 of the KissCast and this week I welcome Malin James to the podcast to talk about jealousy after Malin wrote a post about the subject and the ensuing discussion we had together felt like it would make a great topic.

We start off by talking about our respective experiences of jealousy and what, in our minds is the difference between envy and jealousy. Malin talks about owning your jealousy and learning how to deal with it within your relationships and we talk about the skill of managing jealousy; such as identifying triggers, taking time to understand yourself and your partners, resisting the urge to respond with a knee jerk reaction and/or blame your partners.

Malin then talks about how her jealousy is often closely linked to her feeling vulnerable and how it is really important that you spend time figuring out exactly what it is that is making you feel jealous.

We talk about how jealousy is so often seen as a dark and negative emotion and how we fail to educate our children with a skill set to help them manage jealousy rather than letting the jealousy control and manipulate you.

Sharing your jealousy with your partners is our next topic and how to try to do this without making them feel like you are blaming them or judging them. We also talk about being the partner who is receiving the information and how to deal with that.

Most of all when it comes to this subject, be kind to yourself

Show Notes – Episode 9