EP 7 – Stranded in Toronto

We are already at episode 7 and this week my special guest is C. P. McClennen also known as Stranded in Toronto. Oddly we discuss the snow, which shows that we recorded this episode a while ago. Then it is time to discuss blogging names and blogging history which led us into the inevitable discussion about his love for Sci-fi fiction and the authors that have inspired him. C. P. then talks about his own work from his first serial on his blog, The Turn About Series to his first published novel; Just Prey. We then turn to self publishing, book cover designs and dealing with Amazon before finally returning to the blog and plans for the future.

Episode 7 – Show Notes


Ep 3 – Marie Rebelle

In episode 3 of the KissCast Molly talks to the sex blogging power house that is Marie Rebelle . Together they talk about the blogging world, in particular, posting naked photographs, Sinful Sunday, Wicked Wednesday, Scavenger Hunting and all that ‘good flashing fun’. There is also mention of D/s relationships and kink, the 101 things in 1001 days project and Marie talks about her Dutch writing group.

If anyone would like to contribute a prompt to Wicked Wednesday then CONTACT Marie through her blog

KissCast 2 – Show Notes